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Why Franca?
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Garlic & Herb

A lovely aroma briquette finished with garlic, rosemary, thyme and onion flakes.


Garlic & Herb is great for fish, chicken or vegetables.



The aromatic garlic oils within the bulb are converted to sugar making the garlic not only sweet but also mild and nutty.


Try it with your steak, prawn or braaibroodjies.


A soft, delicate aroma that reminds one of a good meal being prepared in the kitchen - sweet and nostalgic.


Pizza and whatever awakens the foodie inside of you.


Oo la la ! A herby, fine perfume and a whisper of pine needles. The aroma carries a mile... impress and tingle your whole neighborhood's senses.


Pork, chicken, lamb and of course a lekker fat roosterkoek.

Tips & Tricks


4 Flavours available. Franca flavours your food on the braai, no added spice needed. Be on the edge of your seat for future new flavours.

Our Products

About us

We originate from Verkykerskop

in the Free State, South Africa

We are real foodies and love to braai! Sometimes we spice things up by putting something different on the braai e.g porcupine skin, rabbit or freshly caught blackbass. We also appreciate the traditional braai cuts like vet skaapribbetjies, tender steak, a big pork shop and do not forget the roosterkoek en braaibroodjies.


The idea of making a braai briquette infused with spices and herbs came to life. It is a two-fold gain - it flavours your food on the braai and gives off an amazing aroma that fills the air.


Franca Gourmet Briquettes is a patented product to make the traditional way of smoking and flavouring your braai easier and more user-friendly. Franca will revolutionise your braai experience!  (Patent number 2016/02487)


The Fuse

ignite the middle for

hotter and faster roast

ignite the side for

extra long braai

beef roast, leg of lamb, whole chicken

This method is where indirect braaing is required for that slow long braai 

Pack your briquettes into a big C. This method is where indirect braaing is required for that slow long braai for example beef roast, leg of lamb or whole chicken. Ignite your C in the middle for a hotter and faster roast or on the side “a fuse” for that extra- long braai, 2 boxes of Franca are recommended.

The Ant Hill

steak, wors, chicken breasts and pork chops

This method is where direct braaing is required for more heat 

constant smoulder of

herbs and spices

The ant hill method is where the briquettes are packed with most of the briquettes in the centre. This resembles an anthill.  Other briquettes are spread evenly around the anthill on the braai.


This method works best for direct braaing where more heat is required for example your steak, wors, chicken breasts and pork chops. The hot coals begin to burn in the centre. After a while they will ignite the coals close to them. This will guarantee a constant smoulder of herbs and spices which will flavour your food.

Preparation tips

Dry rub
Salt extracts moisture which leaves a vacuum in the meat cells and this enables the Franca smoke aroma to penetrate deeply. This provides you with a soft and elegant taste on the pallet.


For beef, lamb or fish:
- 1 tsp coarse salt
- Pinch of brown sugar
- Use the above for every 1 kg of meat
- Fully massage rub into meat
- Rest for 40 minutes or longer


Prick chicken skin generously so the brine can penetrate the meat under the skin.


For chicken, pork, prawn and vegetables:

Mix together:
- 3 cups of water
- 2 tsp fine salt
- 1 tsp brown sugar
- 1/4 tsp pepper

This information is included in the box.


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